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Serving California and New York City, 3rd Star Creative is a conscious agency specializing in event production and talent management.


3rd Star Creative started in November 2011 and is based in Santa Monica and San Francisco. Since inception, 3rd Star has been providing organization and development to the top minds in music, fashion, and cinema.

3rd Star's team, comprised of high vibrational light beings, reflects the longevity lifestyle of our founders while also honoring the up-all-night sensibilities of our clients. The broad range of services offered by 3rd Star Creative cater to small and large scale projects, allowing every client the freedom to dream, build, and flourish.



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3rd star creative is committed to turning your vision into a reality



Composing job descriptions and character breakdowns. Logistics for interviews and callbacks. Talent search throughout CA, NYC, and beyond. Human resources, payroll, worker's compensation, time cards, and benefits. Voice and speech training.



Fundraising and venture capital. Proposal development and public relations. Information synthesis. Sales and customer service. Licenses and tax compliance.  Location scouting and permitting. Catering and crafts services. Vehicle and equipment rental and purchasing. 


art direction

Costume and set design, styling, makeup, and hair. Lighting and sound. Visuals for print and video. Product packaging and launch. Marketing, advertising, web development, graphic design, and social media. Culture and brand experience building.



ANNA MOORE || chief EXECUTIVe officer

Anna is an overachiever with talent, creativity, and unshakable confidence.  Her ability to lead and inspire teams to success is a part of what makes her sought after by business executives in NYC and California to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Anna has helped strategically grow several entities in the public and private sector, including The NYU Stern School of Business, The Public Theater, commercial real estate firm Friedman Equities LLC, and private equity firm Metalmark Capital. Anna is known in the industry for consistently demonstrating excellence, and she is committed to integrity, professionalism, and the highest attention to detail.

Anna graduated from New York University with a double major (with honors), and has earned multiple awards and recognition for her roles as a performing artist.

Anton david || chief Creative officer

Anton has been hired on a broad range of client engagements including Sephora, Puma, Mizuno, MAC Cosmetics, just to name a few. Initially, Anton was known for his brilliance as a hair stylist, and the industry quickly realized his talents extend way beyond hair. Anton has been hired as a producer, an art director, and a camera man. Here's why: his passion and charisma, his organizational prowess, and his overall savvy make Anton exceptional at everything he does.

Over the years Anton’s relationship with the industry has deepened as its faith in his abilities has been confirmed time and time again.  Anton's loyalty, commitment, and infectious desire to always strive for greatness make him a rare find, indeed.

Anton is a graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy, and an international editorial hair dresser.




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